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We use cookies to provide you with a better experience of our internet site. Among other things, cookies serve to ensure the site works optimally and to further improve the site for the purpose of improving your browsing experience.
Cookies are small text files that an internet browser stores on the drive of the end device (e.g. computer, smart phone, etc.) and then reads when visiting the internet site. Cookies contribute to the security and speed of your interaction with the internet sites given that they remember your preferences (e.g. registration data and language) so that when visiting the site again the corresponding website, with the help of this same end device sends information back to the initial website (first party cookies) or to another internet site (third party cookies). It’s important to mention that store cookies do not collect personal data, nor any other information you have stored on your computer.
You can change your Internet browser settings so that you can choose whether or not to approve or reject cookie requests, remove stored cookies automatically when you close your web browser, and the like.
Types of cookies

  • Temporary cookies or session cookies are removed from a computer when closing the internet browser. With their help, websites store temporary data
  • Persistent or stored cookies remain on a device for a certain period of time even after closing the internet browser, depending on their duration settings, or until the user him/herself deletes them
  • First party cookies come from websites you view and may be persistent or temporary. With the aid of these cookies, websites can store data that they will be used again on the next visit to this website
  • Third party cookies come from advertisements of other websites (such as pop-up or other advertisements) that are on the website you are viewing. With the aid of these cookies, websites can monitor the use of the internet for marketing purposes

What if I reject cookies?

If you decide not to accept cookies, it is possible that certain features of this internet site will not be displayed or will not work properly. This will limit the options provided by our site and could impact the design and user experience.  
Examples of features that may be affected if cookies are rejected:
  • customized experience on the website
  • like or sharing the site on social networks
  • display of embedded content 

Does use cookies?

Yes, with the primary objective of ensuring a better user experience for you on our website.

What kind of cookies does use?

Functional first party cookies.
ASP.NET_Session Id cookie stores visitor session statuses at the request of sites. This cookie is created by our website and is only used by our website. Cookies are deleted upon closing the internet browser.

Analytical third party cookies

Analytical cookies collect data about how visitors use the site so that third parties can carry out analyses with the aim of improving the functionality and create content to best comply with the needs of users for information. We use Google Analytics services.
_gat and _gid cookies are deleted when the internet browser closes, while the cookie _ga remains on the device and is not deleted, that is expires after 2 years insofar as this site is not visited again. _ga cookie is automatically renewed for 2 years when you visit the same website again.

If you would like to enable the abovelisted to store cookies you may do this according to the instructions on the following internet site:
Service provider: Google Adwords
Cookies: _gads and _gac
Duration: deleted after the internet browser closes
You can find privacy rules on the link:
You can find the consent form on the following link:
Service provider: Facebook (Facebook Pixel)
Cookies: fr, impression.php/#, tr
Duration: fr remains stored on user devices up to 3 months, impression.php/# and tr cookies are deleted when the internet browser closes.
You can find the privacy rule on the following links:
You can find consent form on the following link:

How to disable cookies

By disabling cookies, you decide whether to allow cookies to be stored on your computer. Cookie settings may be controlled and configured on your web browser. For information about cookie settings, selected the web browser you’re using. If you disable cookies, you won’t be able to use some of the functions on the website. 

Information about cookie management

The majority of internet browsers accept cookies automatically however they do offer control regarding their disabling or deletion.
If you do not consent to their use, cookies are easily deleted (or disabled) on your device with the aid of the settings of your browser.
Search for information about cookie management on the website of the browser you’re using, as well as on the following links.
The purpose of cookies is to improve and enable the use of our internet site and its processes. Keep in mind that disabling or deleting of cookies may prevent the functioning of these features or cause them to work differently and appear different on your browser.


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