Personnel records

As the leaders in the accounting and payroll services industry we are constantly expanding our range of services, so that we now, in addition to payroll services, we offer full personnel records service.
We have experts and processes for absolutely all solutions, regardless of the size or business environment of your company.

Development and maintenance of the register of employees
Chronological tracing and keeping of all legally stipulated records of employees, agency workers, students, high-school students and persons in training for work or practical training etc.

Drafting of contracts and various other records
When drafting contracts and other documents, the client defines the drafting of the contracts with his/her legal department or other legal professional.

In addition to drafting and keeping records on employment contracts, we keep records of:
  • Decisions on dismissals due to business reasons
  • Agreements on employment termination
  • Waivers of notice periods
  • Agreements on the employment of pregnant women and other
Administration of personnel records
Administration of personnel records can be very time-consuming for our clients. This is why many clients leave this part of the work to us.

We keep records of:
  • Expiry of fixed-term employment contracts
  • Calculation of the number of annual leave days
  • Used and unused annual leave days
  • Decisions on the right to annual leave and other
  • Registration/Cancellation//Change for pension and health insurance
  • We give attention as to whether the quota for the employment of persons with disabilities has been met on a monthly basis
  • Writing letters to creditors seeking enforcement in the case the enforcement cannot be given effect, and return of letters to creditors seeking enforcement when the employee is being deregistered
  • Sending all required confirmations and forms (e.g. confirmation of employment for kindergarten applications, loan applications etc.).


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