Payroll services

More and more companies in Croatia follow the international trend of outsourcing payroll in order to increase cost and operational efficiency. As the leading player in the industry, we provide payroll services for companies with one and companies with more than thousand employees. We have experts and processes for absolutely all solutions, regardless of the size or business environment of your company. Therefore we can say with certainty that there is no payroll related task or report that we are not able to accomplish or design on your demand

You can have full confidence in our consistency, confidentiality and flexibility in payroll management. Yet the one thing that makes us stand out from the others is our personalized service tailored to your needs.

Why Data-Link:

  • We produce more than 100,000 payslips per year
  • Our clients range from companies with only one up to companies with 1,300 employees
  • We fully integrate into your business and record-keeping systems
  • We receive and return data in any form
  • Our data collection system is automated to save your and our time
  • The client always comes first and therefore we endeavour to constantly optimize and improve your processing activities relating to data required for payroll calculation
  • We can produce any kind of report you might need
  • We ensure maximum protection and safety of confidential data
  • We observe the deadlines for payment of wages
  • We guarantee payroll accuracy
  • We have fully aligned our policies with the GDPR provisions
  • With our broad partner network we are able to meet your needs all over the world


With commited work and customer care we build long term partner relationships

Our services and solutions

With a proactive approach and simple solutions we push the boundaries and achieve common success.