Quality insurance policy

DATA-LINK is orientated towards continually achieving client satisfaction and creating additional value for their business processes through our products, services and joint projects.
We want to provide products and services of the highest quality. We are continuously improving our knowledge, methodology and products to meet the demanding needs of our clients. Our objective is to completely understand the business operations, strategies, goals and work methodology of our clients. In accordance with our dedication to quality, in our joint work with clients we are committed to secrecy and confidentiality related to all information, as well as our work.
Our approach is based on establishing a partner relationship with the client in order to implement the solutions that will best meet their business needs. We want to continually improve all aspects of our business through the implementation of quality management processes, encouraging work environment and teamwork while ensuring open communication with our employees, customers and suppliers.
Continual advancement of our internal processes and organisation with continuous training, development and satisfaction of employees comprise the foundation on which we are building our future. We invest effort to continually advance and upgrade our products and services to the satisfaction of our users.
The achievement of the goals laid down in this policy is the continual task of our employees.
We are the source of knowledge
We provide solutions and create opportunities
Every client is special
We build partner relations with team work and mutual respect
Efficiency to achieve results

By using state-of-the-art tools and implementing optimal processes we save time and create added value
Our mission is success

With a proactive approach and simple solutions we push the boundaries and achieve common success
We live excellence

We believe in professionalism and commitment to the task 
is to make it from the largest Croatian accounting company to a MODERN AND INNOVATIVE LEADER in the region. 
Use our knowledge to provide top solutions for success
Use our excellence to create added value to the processesWith committed work and customer care we build long-term partner relations


With commited work and customer care we build long term partner relationships

Our services and solutions

With a proactive approach and simple solutions we push the boundaries and achieve common success.