Pantheon ERP system

PANTHEON is an ERP system (business software) for fast growing enterprises which invest in stability, advanced functionality and flexibility of the system.It is suitable for any size of enterprise – small, medium and large scale enterprises and is being implemented by more than 57,000 users.

A wide range of functionalities enables the system for using by all employees in the company from management to procurement and accounting. A good ERP system must be a simple, intuitive and efficient tool for the user.

Benefits of Pantheon:
Pantheon is a modern and technologically advanced ERP system. It is adapted to local markets and fully localized, both in terms of language and legislation. It covers all standard business processes with fully integrated modules and built-in business intelligence (BI) tools – reports, analyses, OLAP, OLAP, Ad-Hoc, planning, dashboards.

Pantheon ERP allows for the integration with other systems and functionality upgrade, as well as the development of new functions and more features (ARES,SQL Editor). In order to ensure compliance with legal changes, upgrades are performed free of charge on a monthly basis (in addition to an update agreement).

Pantheon ERP is very simple and user-friendly and provides availability of online documents and instructions for work directly from the programme.

Data-Link IT team:
Data-Link is engaged in outsourcing and implementing various business solutions, including Pantheon ERP. As a premium partner of Datalab, with more than 20 years of experience and a team of 13 experts (all of them certified by the Datalab Academy) covering all areas ranging from the help desk, implementation, training to programming, we offer our clients complete support in running their business.

Advantages of Data-Link
  • We cover all Pantheon modules, i.e. market operations (orders, production, service, retail, catering, accounting, finances, BI tools etc.).
  • Dealing with user's requests at the highest speed (more than 85% of the user's requests are settled within 1 workday).
  • Proactive approach to continuous optimization of the business process, introduction and implementation of new features of Pantheon which are beneficial to your business
  • Full and integrated support of different IT and consultancy services.
  • We have our own System IT support department, own Pantheon development and other systems (programming)
  • Full accounting, tax and business consulting in support and during the implementation of Pantheon.


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