IT services

In synergy with other functions of Data-Link (accounting, payroll services, financial and business consulting), our IT services provide the added value and the necessary efficiency for your business.

By looking at your business as a whole, we analyse in detail your business processes, real business needs and the capabilities of the software that we implement. In doing so, we are trying to integrate all software solutions that are in place, and especially integrate all of your services and departments into a single system.

System optimization is essential for every client because the system must function as a whole, where double entry of the same data is avoided and all common data at the company level is centralized and standardized.

System optimization ensures fast, controlled and automated entry of data.
Our aim is to eliminate as much unnecessary auxiliary solutions, Excel charts and other personal records as possible.
Updating must be immediate (transaction business model) so that the operational reports are always updated as well.

Advantages of Data-Link
  • Data-Link has been selected by some of the largest companies in our country and international groups.
  • We operate in the region through our own companies or partners.
  • We have the largest knowledge synergy potential (accounting, finance, programming and development, ITC infrastructure and consulting)
  • We provide all-in service, from evaluation of the situation and needs, implementation, integration to comprehensive consulting services and post-implementation support)
  • Data-Link has the largest number of Pantheon certified consultants in Croatia
  • We have the most numerous customer support service (highest SLA efficiency)
  • We have been continuously introducing new features and business process optimizations


With commited work and customer care we build long term partner relationships

Our services and solutions

With a proactive approach and simple solutions we push the boundaries and achieve common success.