EBA DMS (Document Management System) – full-featured, no paper business solution

EBA DMS provides full control over documentation and related processes. Companies using EBA DMS have a developed exchange of business documentation across all parts of the company, as well as with the business environment, simply by computer.

The EBA DMS Document Management System provides users with complete control over the documentation and processes in which the documentation is located. It ensures an efficient and inexpensive electronic exchange of legally valid documents with business partners and natural persons.

By using the EBA DMS Document Management System, the parties reduce their labour costs, because it takes significantly less time to process the documentation. Double data entry is eliminated. Document search time is measured in seconds instead of minutes or hours.

Benefits of the EBA DMS system:
  • Scanning an automatic identification of documents - OCR
  • Advanced recognition of document content (e.g. invoice amount, items, tax amount, date, currency etc.)
  • Electronic exchange of documents with other business entities
  • Automated document processing - workflow
  • Mobile signature – on-the spot signing of documents: bills of lading, order forms...
  • State-of-the-art web/mobile user interface – access via mobile phone and tablet
  • Integration with MS Word and MS Excel tools (template-based documents)
  • Integrated with Pantheon and 30 other ERP solutions
  • Detailed authorization for access to documents
  • Simple search of documents by criteria and words contained in the documents
  • Fully electronic records of all types of documents
  • Time and cost saving
Why Data-link:
  • Data-link is a long-standing partner of the company EBA d.o.o.
  • Our team has the necessary experience, knowledge, tools and resources to provide all-in service
  • Our experts cover all areas: consultancy, implementation, training, support and programming.
  • Our programmers adjust EBA to your needs and integrate EBA DMS with your other solutions.


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