CHRONOS – employee time and attendance recording programme

Chronos is a simple, reliable and always available work time records programme, allowing simple and almost automated work record-keeping by the users.

Without high-quality software support, keeping records of working hours can easily be turned into endless filling and checking of various data and employees. Especially if you do not have automated tracking of entry / exit from the building (cards, bio-metric devices, etc.). However, such a system can hardly meet all the needs because some of the data cannot be generated by tracking the attendance at work (for example, on-call duty hours, hours of fieldwork, etc.).

Data Link is always trying to provide its customers and partners with solutions for business challenges and offer more than expected. That's why we have developed a flexible, yet simple software solution - Chronos time and attendance recording program.

This programme has been developed to track time, but even more to save it. Thanks to our long-standing experience in creating software applications, complemented by knowledge of the specifics and needs of different industries, we have created a programme that will speed up and simplify operational processes while delivering more useful information with a high level of accuracy.

Benefits of the CHRONOS time and attendance recording system:
  • Simple use and fast data entry
  • Possibility of integration with other applications (Pantheon, SAP, Custom…)
  • No need for investment in additional software because the programme is opened with every web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome etc.)
  • Possibility to keep work time records at the level of organizational structure “Location”, “Group or department” and “Staff/employee”
  • Entry and management of work time records for an unlimited number of locations and employees
  • Can be installed on PC, the company server or accessed via Internet to the Data-Link server.
  • Regular update (work day, holidays by months, possible amendments to the legislation)
Advantages of the Data-Link team:
  • Our experts provide full service – from implementation to “turnkey”
  • Fast and proactive customer support
  • Our programmers adjust Chronos to your needs and integrate it with your other solutions


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