Tax consulting services

​Tax consulting services
A successful operation implies a successful risk and cost management. This in particular applies to economies such as the Croatian economy, where the tax burden is exceptionally high. Under such conditions tax obligations represent an indispensable and large segment in the operations of every company. Successful tax management is not only dependant on your managerial and entrepreneurial capabilities, but also on the continuous monitoring of amendments to the tax laws and their interpretation in legislation and in practice.

Our objective when managing your tax risks is not only to avoid possible sanctions, but to understand your business in order to develop quality plans to come up with the least possible amount of tax permitted by law.

We will achieve this result by working together, by pursuing a successful co-operation in implementing a fiscal policy that is tailored to the needs of every single client.

Corporation tax counseling
Data Link will help you increase your business’s efficiency and profitability. With our wide range of tax consulting services you will be able to successfully manage the effects of taxation on your business operation.
Indirect taxes
With our innovative solutions aimed at creating value for your company you will successfully control the effects of value added tax and other forms of indirect taxes.
Income tax
You might be considering how to calculate and pay severance allowance or how to properly manage taxes related to posted workers or how to deal with the issue of paying remuneration in kind. Our solutions will ensure your compliance with the legal frameworks and real cost savings.

Tax management
Our tax management solutions provide investment forecast and planning tools, designed specifically to help you manage your taxes efficiently, so you can focus on your basic operations.
Cooperation  with supervisory bodies
Data Link’s extensive experience and commitment in the field of tax counseling are key to ensuring timely and accurately fulfillment of all requirements set by the tax control and other supervisory bodies.



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