Accounting services for small businesses

We do all the accounting work for you and ensure complete control over your legal obligations and responsibilities. But if you are a small business, we provide more than that:

Establishing company
Contact us from the very beginning. We will carry out the work of company formation and registration for you.
Drawing up business plans
Our consultants will help you transform the entrepreneurial idea into business reality. Good planning significantly increases the likelihood of turning your idea into a successful deal.
Cloud business platform
We will enable you to use the Pantheon ERP cloud solution that will allow you to prepare all business related documentation (invoices, travel order, warehouse operations etc.), as well as monitor all your business information in detail. The solution is available from anywhere any time of the day.
E-accounting – Access to documents 24/7
Our DMS makes invoice management simpler than ever. Access to documents is available from anywhere 24/7.
Business reporting
Use our predefined reports to keep track of your company’s growth and operations.
One stop shop
Do you need tax counseling for an occasional complex transaction? Or want to integrate a webshop or other application within your solution?

Do you need assistance when analyzing the cost effectiveness of specific business related decision?

We will help you overcome this and many other challenges. Use our experts in different fields to deal with your current challenge and help you scale up your operations.


With commited work and customer care we build long term partner relationships

Our services and solutions

With a proactive approach and simple solutions we push the boundaries and achieve common success.