Accounting services for medium-sized and large businesses

Accounting is one of the fundamental functions in the business operations of any enterprise that is essential for being successful in business. We have extensive experience in providing accounting services to medium and large enterprises, we dispose of the knowledge and tools to create a business function from your accounting system that will give you the much needed insight into your operations and control over all processes and ensure compliance with all accounting and tax laws and regulations.

Our services:

Organization of accounting for medium-sized and large enterprises
Our experts in different areas will examine the state of the process in your company and together with establish a reorganization roadmap. We will ensure quality defining of processes and inclusion of all departments into an integrated system.
We can digitize all or part of your business documentation. This will help you reduce costs, better monitor document circulation and speed up document-related processes. Your employees will be able to review and verify documentation from any device at any time
Insourcing – accounting services are provided outside of the house, but you keep your data and documentation
We use different software solutions such as Pantheon, SAP, MS Dynamics NAV, SAOP, 4D Wand, Virga etc. We work on your solution if possible. If not, we combine our and your solutions into an integrated system with all your data
Once digitized, you can view and review your entire documentation at any time from any device.
By using the latest technologies, we enable you to outsource the responsibility for and concerns about accounting processes and employees, while at the same providing you the easiest access to your data, documentation and reports. What’s better than that?
Business reporting
Don't let your accounting department work only for the government instead for you!
In addition to preparing all legally stipulated forms, accounting should also be in the function of providing you with important information, analyzes and reports that are essential for business management and decision making.
Our business consultants, in collaboration with our IT and accounting specialists, will design and implement the entire management reporting package and planning system.


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