Accounting services

Accounting is one of the fundamental functions in the business operations of any enterprise that is essential for being successful in business. Only accurate, detailed and timely accounting data provide an insight into your business operations. To run a company without accounting is like driving a car with a blindfold.

An accounting function must:
  • be efficiently organized
  • be integrated with all other processes and departments
  • continuously develop reports and analyses required for adopting business decisions
  • ensure 100% compliance with the law, while exhausting every legal possibility to reduce taxes and other duties.
If your accounting cannot provide at least one of the functions listed, please contact us with confidence and let your accounts be dealt with by our experts with more than 25 years of experience in organizing and providing accounting services for 200+ clients.

Why Data-Link:
  • More than 25 years of experience in providing accounting services and more than 200+ domestic and foreign clients of all sizes
  • Full integration with other departments and processes in your company
  • We don't just work off the accounting for you, we live it with you on a day-to-day basis.
  • We know that merely working off does not result in the added value that accounting may bring about. Therefore, we get to know your operations in depth and try to be a genuine long-standing partner who will provide you with the accounting function that you deserve
  • You can enjoy a peaceful night's sleep because we fully take on the responsibility for your operations – from tracing and adjusting with any legal amendments, over full support in the case of inspection or audit, to professional indemnity insurance
  • We know that you cannot run a business without accounting data, and any duplicate records or additional entries on your part are considered redundant. We are accurate and react promptly in our work to give you an insight into any segment of your business at any time and make additional and duplicate records for you completely unnecessary
  • There is no report that we cannot deliver. Our experts in different fields will work with you to design the best business reporting system and take all necessary action for you to receive a turnkey solution
  • We use different programme solutions when providing accounting services, such as Pantheon, SAP, MS Dynamics NAV, SAOP, 4D Wand, Virga etc.
  • We are simply different and the best



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